Gifts Writers Love

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It’s only a few days before Christmas, but plenty of folks are still making crucial buying decisions for writers and editors! In this light, I asked friends and members of my social networks what they desired most for a holiday gift.

The answers reflect the lifestyle of a writer, often touching on the need for solitude and concentration, or the need to replenish oneself after a period of writing in solitude.

Enjoy peeking at their wish lists!

Gifts with muscle

“A gift certificate for an hour-long massage is always a good choice, especially for artists who spend many hours hunched over their keyboards.”
Sarah Quigley, author, “TMI”


Out and about
“I may not be the norm here, but a lot of writers, like myself, work alone out of their home. The gift I would love is something that gets me out of the house and away from my computer — a little break in the action.

“(I’d love) a gift certificate for a spa treatment, manicure/pedicure, cooking class, wine tasting, or yoga/Pilates class. Even just a gift certificate for a local coffee shop (would be nice), so I can work away from my house and at least be around other people!”

— Kami Gray, author of “The Denim Diet: Sixteen Simple Habits To Get You Into Your Dream Pair of Jeans


Handmade is heart made

“If someone has made something creative (written a book, put out a music CD, sewn pillows, whatever), I would love to have one of those things, of course!

“Otherwise, any gifts I receive, I love to be handmade . . . not mass produced in China. (I love Chinese people, so handmade authentic Chinese things are OK!)”

— Margaret Scheirman, copywriter and ESL professional, Twin Cities (Minn.) area


A laptop of one’s own

“My inner writer would like her very own red laptop so she can take it to the bathroom, lock the door, put in earplugs, and write for 5 whole minutes STRAIGHT!  I also want that pen set that’s been advertised in the wee hours of the night … the one you can throw at a dartboard and then write with.

“I’d also like some good article ideas.  And all regional parenting magazine editors could give me the gift of publishing any of my reprints in 2010 and also pay me $1,000 per article! (I can dream, right?)”

—   Kerrie McLoughlin, freelance writer and author of The Kerrie Show blog


Time after time

“What I really want as a writer is the gift of time to write, and the mental space to do so. I can think of nothing so precious as time spent diving into writing my novel.”

Beth Barany, writing coach and author of “The Writer’s Adventure Guide”


Mentor me

“My ‘inner writer desires for the holidays this year’ would have to include time, for sure, and the creation of an all-in-one place to do my writing, since we’ve been under construction and I had the election and stuff has just been EVERYWHERE so it’s been very chaotic.

“But what I think I most desire as a writer would be to have a mentor-mentee relationship with another writer who could help me put together and pursue some ideas I have for larger writing projects. It’s not so much that I don’t have the confidence to do it, but I’m all about the research before the jumping off the cliff and rely on the experience of others to help me understand what I’m getting into. If I knew that at least once a month, a writer I admire who has succeeded in the past would spend an hour or two with me and help kind of coach me, that would be a great gift to me at this point in my writing.”

Jill Miller Zimon, freelance writer, author of  the “Writes Like She Talks” blog, and newly elected city council member in Pepper Pike, Ohio


Reaching for “the remote”

“I would like three days/nights at a remote cottage near a stream so that I could focus completely on my writing. NO internet, NO television, just a plug for my laptop, a bed, and a rock in the middle of the stream for sitting and pondering. A hot tub would be okay for nighttime soaking.”

Bill Konigsberg, sports journalist, blogger, and author of the young-adult novel “Out of the Pocket”


The Question to You

What does your inner writer or editor desire for a holiday gift? Tell us in the comments field below.

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One thought on “Gifts Writers Love

  1. Rebecca Rice, unpublished, but *so* hopeful says:

    I asked my hubby for a new Mac, but since funds are tight, I think I’m getting a home-refurbished recycled PC. Linux, though, not Windows, so it might be okay. My old Mac (almost 9 years old) is …. s …. l …. o …. w …. .

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