Write This Way, Condensed: Top Writing and Editing Links for February 2, 2010

Photo courtesy SXC.

Bury Books, Inspire Reading : The World :: American Express OPEN Forum

Author Jonathan Littman declares that “the truth is that it’s time to bury books,” arguing they are reaching the end of their usefulness. The future belongs to the “immersion” experience of Kindle and other digital reading devices.

Goals for Writing: What and why?

First of a three-part series on goal setting for writers, by Marsha of Writing Companion blog.

Blogging and Podcasting for Writers

SlideShare presentation by Britt Bravo from the Feb. 2009 San Francisco Writers Conference. The title actually refers to writers “test marketing” their work using social media channels such as blogs and podcasts.

Climbing Mt. Story: How to Survive the Creative Journey

Larry Brooks of Storyfix guest posts on Write to Done and uses a mountain climbing parable to explain how different storytellers work.

The 8 Elements of Contagious Ideas

Social media marketing guru Dan Zarrella discusses what makes ideas sticky and repeatable. Includes novelty, intuitiveness, relevance, etc.

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