About Liz Massey


About Liz Massey

The world needs true stories, and I can help you craft them.

Journalism and other forms of nonfiction storytelling have undergone dramatic changes in the way they are practiced in the past 25 to 30 years. In my own life, I’ve gone from writing on the original Macintosh 512K (my family’s first personal computer, on which I produced my fledgling freelance work) to the iPhone (from which I now occasionally post to a blog or write a column).

I’ve been working professionally as a writer, editor, and producer since 1983, when I cut my freelance teeth selling race reports to a local running club magazine and humor columns to youth publications. My first writing job was stringing for TeenAge, a national magazine for young people aged 14 to 21, when I was 14 years old.

I interrupted my successful early freelance career to attend journalism school at the University of Kansas. J-school provided the opportunity to become more disciplined about the crafts of writing and editing. Following college, I’ve done public relations for a public library, proofread bank correspondence for a word processing unit, produced training videos at an aluminum manufacturing facility and edited several consumer, trade and association magazines. Along the way, I’ve also written gobs of web copy, produced audio podcasts, blogged for my employers and produced web videos.

All these professional experiences have honed my abilities as an editor and story coach – someone you can count on to help you make your writing work the best it can be. Whether you’ve produced (or need to produce) an article, a report, a book proposal or full-length book, a blog post, a podcast, or a video for YouTube, I can help you craft your story and tell it in a clear, compelling manner.

Write Livelihood is my home base for all things writing and editing. It is an introduction to my work and professional philosophy, but more importantly, it’s a place where I get to share tips and tools for making your best writing better.


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4 thoughts on “About Liz Massey

  1. James Valdez says:


    No comments yet — be the first.

    I feel like a young kid with a wall and full can of spray paint.



    Liz, I think that it is wonderful that you reach out and help others craft ideas on to paper.


  2. Lisa B. says:


    I just found your blog and think it’s super! I’m writing a non-fiction book re: my daughter’s liver transplant at the age of 19 months. Your blog is very informative, thanks!

  3. Lonnie Tapia says:

    Hi, Liz!

    Did you read the Outsiders in ’82? Was that the book that inspired you?

    Website and Social Media Strategist

    Blog and Social Media

  4. Carol Tice says:

    Thanks for the link love! Like your site. Feel free to be in touch sometime, we both do mentoring and I’d love to connect.

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