Best of Write Livelihood

Beyond Comma Patrol: 10 Ways Editors Can Supercharge Your Communications

How to Make the Editor Your Friend, Revisited: Discussing the Story Assignment

A Writer’s Guide to Podcasting

Participatory Journalism … What’s It All About?

Can This Profession Be Saved?

Who Am I This Time?: Roles Editors Play

10 Reasons to Keep a Writer’s Notebook

Cool Tools: 3 Fun Ways to Map Your Story Ideas

Look, listen and learn: Sites to inspire new writing ideas and creative cross-pollination

10 Ways a Smart Phone Can Make You a Smarter Writer


Expert Advice (i.e., I’m quoted!)

College Mags Welcome Freelancers, by Jessica McCann, The Writer, June 2009

I shared my thoughts about writing for college and university magazines (I’ve edited one since 2004).


Blogs You Should Read is a useful news and resource site about how digital technology is transforming the media.

Write To Done

Created by Zen Habits blogging superstar Leo Babauta and edited by Mary Jaksch, this blog offers a mix of craft tips for writers and deeper posts exploring the psychological, emotional and spiritual currents that impact one’s creative flow.


Jay Rosen, a professor of journalism at NYU, gets the shift that journalism is currently undergoing, at a level that transcends almost every other expert I have ever come into contact with.

Quips and Tips for Successful Freelance Writers

Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen, a full-time freelance writer and blogger, offers inspirational quotes and nuts-and-bolts articles that discuss how to make it in any number of freelance nonfiction writing genres.

J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism

J-Lab is a center of the American University School of Communication and describes itself as “an incubator for innovative news experiments that use new technologies to help people actively engage in critical public issues.” While not technically a blog, this site is a great place to learn about what’s cooking in the world of digital journalism.

Web Journalist

Robert Hernandez,  is an assistant professor at USC. Hernandez has been working in Web journalism for more than a decade. He discusses the changing meaning of being a journalist, how to use social media productively as a reporter and is the co-founder of #wjchat, a Twitter chat event for Web journalists.

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