Writing & Producing Portfolio

A good editor needs to know how to produce content as well as how to reshape the content of others. Here’s an sampling of some of the more than 400 published articles I’ve authored, as well as the nearly 50 podcasts I’ve produced.

To contact me about a writing or producing assignment, please contact me using the Contact Me tab at the top of the page.


LGBT Issues

Echo Magazine – Issue #646 (6.19.2014)

Wet Wild and Wonderful

A cover feature that surveyed staycation options at LGBT-friendly resorts in the Valley of the Sun that have cool pools and fun water-based recreation opportunities.

Echo Magazine – Issue #600 (9.13.2012)

Wedding Guide

A cover feature that interviewed LGBT-friendly wedding vendors to find out how the changes in the marriage equality front had impacted their businesses. The vendors also offered tips for creating the perfect ceremony and reception.

Echo Magazine – Issue #544 (7.22.2010)

Older and Wiser
An opinion column focusing on the documentary film “Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement.”

Riding the Storm Out
An interview with lesbian recovery author Jennifer Storm, related to her new book “Leave the Light On.”

Echo Magazine – Issue #542 (6.24.2010)

An American’s Tale
An interview with Guillermo Reyes, associate professor of theater at Arizona State University. Reyes is author of the memoir “Madre & I,” which focuses on his experiences as a Chilean immigrant to the United States.


Catering, Weddings & Event Planning

Arizona Bride – Fall/Winter 2014

Arizona Bride’s Best of 2014 Winners

Cover feature introducing readers to the winners of the magazine’s annual competition to find the state’s best wedding vendors.

Catering Magazine – November – December 2004

Coming Unscrewed
A report on the increasing popularity of screw-top wine bottles among top-tier wineries and the cultural change this represented for the industry.

Location, Location, Location
An article discussing how caterers have secured interesting alternative venues and how they have coped with the challenges of sites that are off the beaten path.


Creativity & Innovation

Office Solutions – July/August 2007

Office Space: 10 Tips From The Future
A trend piece on predictions about how companies with change the way they house their employees and contractors.

Office Solutions – October 2008

5 Traits of Creative Teams
Advice from creativity consultants  and researchers on how to keep workplace teams focused on innovative thinking.

Write to Done Blog
Becoming the Rainmaker: Generating fresh story ideas and approaches

A primer on ways to generate fresh approaches to writing stories for magazines, newsletters, reports, etc.

Creativity-related podcasts on Creative Liberty blog

Linda Naiman: Interview with an Innovator

An interview with Naiman, who is the owner of the creativity consulting business Creativity At Work, an arts-based learning trainer and a self-described “corporate alchemist.”

The Artist @ Work: Alyson B. Stanfield, ArtBizCoach.com

This is a conversation focusing on some of the basic steps emerging artists can take to become comfortable with sharing their art with the world. Stanfield is an art business consultant and coach who works primarily with emerging visual artists.

Collaboration in Harmony: A Conversation with Wayward Maggie

For this podcast, I spoke with Jess Hawk Oakenstar and Kate DeLaPointe of the Phoenix-based folk duo Wayward Maggie. Our conversation covered how they have learned to blend their diverse musical backgrounds, what it feels like to sing in harmony with one another, and how they work together as musicians. Also included are excerpts from a 2010 acoustic concert that they performed at Cup O’Karma in Mesa, Arizona.

Other creativity-related audio programs on Creative Liberty blog

Improving Creative Focus: An Audio Meditation to Facilitate “Flow” States

Improving Creative Focus: An Audio Meditation on Unplugging



Positivity Blog
7 Ways to Reduce Stress with a To-Don’t List

A guest post I wrote that explains why making a list of what you’re NOT going to do may very well be as helpful as the traditional to-do list.


Alumni Topics

ASU Magazine

Take 2
A report on the life choices of three ASU alums who started their careers over in another industry.

The Alumni Experience podcasts
I have produced more than 40 episodes of The Alumni Experience, the official podcast of the ASU Alumni Association. You can review all the episodes at the podcast’s home page or enjoy these episodes:





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