Editorial Services

The world lives on stories – the ones we tell ourselves, the ones we tell our family and friends, and the ones we seek out for education, entertainment or inspiration. While the specifics of assembling a captivating story may vary, the basic building blocks rarely do.

I work with writers to help them make their best work better.

For nonfiction writers, there are a dizzying array of ways to tell your story today – magazines, books, online publications, blogs, as well as multimedia options such as podcasts and online videos.

If you need to communicate with an audience on a regular basis, I can help you tell your story with consistency, clarity and conciseness. I offer a spectrum of editorial services – the following packages are some of the most popular ones.



Developmental editing

Who needs it: Authors or subject matter experts who need to organize content into information products such as articles, blog posts, books, e-books or multimedia offerings.

What I do: I will review your research and previous drafts to help you organize your content, create a viable structure for your product, and flesh out the content within that structure in a way that is easy for your readers/audience to digest.

What it costs: My project fees for developmental editing are based upon a rate of $65/hour.


Line editing

Who needs it: Authors who have organized their content into a draft, but who need help smoothing out the language at the paragraph and sentence level.

What I do: Refine existing copy by improving transitions, sentence structure and readability, while leveraging the writer’s strengths and distinctive “voice” to shine through.

What it costs: My project fees for line editing are based upon a rate of $55/hour.


Proofreading/Copy editing

Who needs it: Authors who have completed a draft, and perhaps are ready to send it “out the door” to a magazine or publishing house, but would like another set of professional eyes on the copy to ensure stylistic consistency and avoid embarrassing typos.

What I do: As a copy editor, I edit the manuscript to conform with Associated Press style or the “house style” of a particular target market. As a proofreader, I check primarily for punctuation, grammar, and typographical errors.

What it costs: My project fees for copy editing and proofreading are based upon a rate of $35/hour.


Manuscript review package

Who needs it: Authors who would like an editorial “sounding board” or a second opinion about where they are headed with a writing project.

What I do: I will review an excerpt of up to 2,000 words from a given writing project and provide at least 2 pages of suggestions and tips to make the project stronger.

What it costs: Manuscript reviews are available for $100. Reviews of longer manuscripts can be negotiated upon request.



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